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Ugyen Kha Chod Ling Nunnery Center

The Formation of Ugyen Kha Chod Ling Nunnery Center

Ugyen Kha Chod Ling Nunnery Center (o rgyanmkha’ spyodglingbtsunma’ibshadgrwa) was situated under Thang Rong Gewog, Mongar Dzongkhag in eastern Bhutan, a place said to be visited and blessed by the former incarnation of His holiness Bazar Guru Rinpo Che (badz+ragururin po che) where he conducted the grand religious ceremony of Thuk Drub Bar Chod Kunsel (thugs sgrub bar chodkunselsgrubchen). Whereas, as enshrined in the Vinayana Scriptures:

“The waves of the Ocean, the habitat of water-Dragon;
may fail to be on time;
but for those disciples who are to be tamed;
Buddhas never fail to be on time”;

By the power of the great aspirations of the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas combined with the auspicious circumstances led to the realization of a prophesy when in 2017, the generous benefactor Sangay invoked the reincarnation Khentruel Rigzin Pema Dorji (mkhansprul rig ‘dzinpad+mardorje) who then visited Thang Rong and presided Dechen Zhing Drub Tshog Khor (Ganachakra feast offering) in line with the accomplished practice of bliss realm). This was a means to prevail and perpetuate the Buddha dharma, the core source of well-being for all sentient beings in general and exceptionally, in order to create opportunities for peace and prosperity of all sentient beings by pacifying undesired pandemics, warfare and the famine, especially at these times of rampant five degenerations.

During his intermission, the Khentruel proceeded towards the peak of Da Nyi (zlanyirirtser) to consecrate the Dung Khor (large prayer wheel) constructed by Me MeTshelthrim (me metshulkhrims), his siblings and Zow Karma Wangdi (bzobo karma dbang ‘dus). On arrival to site, His eminence experienced an impression of tranquility and glory on sight of the nearby place where the present Monastery is sited. Then, Rinpoche visited the site where he conducted an incense-offering ritual. During that time, the people of the village came to offer Tea, Milk, local wine and fruits. Then, the assemble of people started paying gratitude to his eminence with the words, “We are very happy and grateful to His eminence for visiting and gracing us with blessings and great aspirations.”  The people made commitments to serve and support their best if His Eminence would establish a residence and a Monastic body here in the near future. His Eminence stated, “this is an unprepared auspicious coincidence which is a very amazing one; today we have experienced auspicious circumstances; we shall gather again for Tshog Khor (ganachakra feast offering) later at a convenient time”, replied His eminence before returning back.

Then, a few years later, three faithful land owners, Me meChodrak, Me me Tshering Dorji and Me meKunzangWangdi(me mechosgrags/me me tshe ring rdorje/me me kunbzangdbang ‘dus/), requested Rinpoche to establish a Monastic body, the basis of Buddha dharma by offering their own land and Lagtram. After that, two spiritual friends with compatible intention and clean vows, Me meTrashiDorji (me mebkrashisrdorje) a former Tshog Lop (tshogs slob) from ChaksaKhar (lcagssamkhar) and Me meDorji (me merdorje) a former Tshog Lop (tshogs slop) from Thang Rong (thang rong) are coordinating the project by taking full responsibility. They are coordinating the project with the voluntary contributions in both kind and labor from the people of 12 households in area and mostly from the people of Thang Rong Gewog (thang rongrged ‘og) along with other related dharma benefactors, and at present completed almost ten room for nun’s residence.

After that, as requested by the previous faithful patrons to visit the site at the earliest, Rinpoche visited the site and while hosting dinner for labor and carpenters, everyone witnessed a big forest fire in the nearby meadows. At that time, all the people assembled there described the incidence with a single voice, as a premonition for the flourishing of dharma teachings in their region and they sang a song of happiness accompanied by performance of a dance of peace, after which they enjoyed dinner with immense satisfaction. On that day, the plan to build monastery in that area was established; and then, while seeking divination for whether to establish monastic body for Monks, Gomchen (sgomchen) or Nuns, it was revealed that establishing a nunnery center is best. On approaching Chab Je Gengtey Rinpoche (skyabsrjesgangstengrin po che) seeking his grace and a new name for the monastery, Rinpoche with great pleasure and felicitations granted the name “Ugyen Kha Chod Ling Tsuen mai Shad dra” (o rgyanmkha’ spyodglingbtsunma’ibshadgrwa).

Therefore, corresponding to the changing times and modern situation, in order to innovate and create opportunities for female humans to practice the precious Buddha dharma through means of learning, reflection and meditation, the nunnery center was established in this remote village. It was established on the auspicious day commemorating the cumulation of five auspicious great events of Buddha Gautama, (sagazlaba’iduschenlnga ‘dzoms) on the 4th month of female iron Ox year, accompanied by the ritual Lama NorbuJamtshoTshog Bum (bla ma nor burgyamtsho’itshogs ‘bum).

In the realm surrounded by Vajra Rocky peaks, at the center of a ceremonial conch spiraled clockwise, lies Ugyen Kha Chod Ling Nunnery Center; May the dharma prevail forever.