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Religious Activities

Month/DayReligious Events
Every monthFeast offering ritual on 10th& 25thday of a month.
3rd day of first Bhutanese monthCommemoration service of Terton Pema Lingpa (gterstonpad+magling pa)
10th day of 3rd Bhutanese monthCommemoration service of ZhabDrung (zhabsdrungrin po che)
15th day of 4th Bhutanese monthCumulation of of five auspicious events of Shakyamuni (duschenlnga ‘dzoms)
10th day of 5th Bhutanese monthTreldaTsechu (Birth anniversary of Guru)
4th day of 6th Bhutanese monthFirst Sermon of Lord Buddha
22nd day of 9th Bhutanese monthDescending day of Lord Buddha
27-29th of 10th Bhutanese monthAnnual religious service
11th Bhutanese monthAnnual festival (lo bstartshesbcu)
1st Bhutanese monthFull recitation of Buddhist Canon (bka’ ‘gyurdagtshar)