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Sangay Choling Monastery

Nangchen Rinpoche Karma Samten

The construction of Sangay Choling Monastery started in early 2011. As of March 2014, the construction of the main temple has been completed. The project is in its second phase of development where inner relics like the construction of statues 8 feet tall have begun. It will have Sakyamuni Buddha as the central statue with other important statues of Guru Padmasambhava, Pema Lingpa and Zhabdrung.

The third phase includes the construction of hostels for the monks and practitioners (advanced and lay), the Guest House, the construction of a huge Avalokitesvara prayer wheel (Mani Dungkhor), and the complete site development throughout the area.

Other plans like the construction of stupas within and surrounding the compound will be taken up in the immediate future. Caves nearby the monastery, in the serene forests, will be developed for the practitioners to practice meditation.

After the completion of the project, under the auspiciousness of H.E Khentruel Baza Guru Rinpoche, the Sangay Choling management shall offer support and encouragement, and facilitate every individual aspiring to study or practice Buddha Dharma this wonderful opportunity.

Opportunities include direct face-to-face teachings, oral transmissions and empowerments for disciples who could make it to the center. Other opportunities may include online teachings from Khentruel Baza Guru Rinpoche and other important linage masters to educate disciples all around the world.

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